Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hard times

So things have been pretty crazy in my world lately. I have been completely scatterbrained for the last week or so. I found out that a childhood friend of mine that I've known since the 4th grade, Seth, passed away last week. Because I went to a really really small private Christian school, we were all very very close. I think there were 10 kids in the whole 7th and 8th grades. We were like a family and I feel like he was my brother.

Last Wednesday I myspaced my friend Jolynn, I was in the same class as her brother Chris who I was good friends with as well. I asked Jolynn if she was interested in hanging out that night and she told me that she was going to stay home because she was worried to leave Chris alone after he found out the news about Seth. I was like, what? What news? What happened to Seth? I didnt hear anything from her again and I had Mary Kay that night so I myspaced her again and told her to call me asap. So I thought maybe Seth was in a car accident or something not so good happened and that I would be able to go visit him in the hospital. Well, at the end of Mary Kay, I checked my phone and I had 2 missed calls and a text from my good friend Mercedes who also went to our school (her mom was the principal). I called back and she told me that Seth died...that he overdosed. I literally just froze. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. What do you mean he overdosed?? How could he overdose??? He wasnt into the drug scene? He moved back from Vegas to Phx to get his life back on track and stop drinking. What do you mean he overdosed? I had so many thoughts running through my head. She didnt have any other information. I looked over at my mom and busted into tears. I tried so hard not to but I couldnt help but cry. My friend was gone. So that night my phone was blowing up. I talked to my friend Jodi and she couldnt get over the shock of it all. Chris also called me. He told me that when he talked to Seths mom and sister and they said that he was stabbed and injected with a needle containing heroine that overdosed him. What??? I was beyond floored at this point! Someone murdered my friend! What a horrible way to die! Being stabbed with a needle full of heroine?!?! Who the heck does that!!! I didnt sleep for days. I cried so hard. I cried for the loss of my friend. I cried for the loss of a good person in society. I cried for his family. I cried for his friends. I cried because I wish I could have said goodbye. I cried....and cried...and cried.

I cant understand how something like this happens. This isnt supposed to happen to me. This isnt supposed to happen to someone I know and love! This isnt how I thought our lives would turn out! The viewing is today and I'm going after work. I wish I had someone to go with me. But I guess its okay to have a moment by myself. The funeral is tomorrow morning. Seth was such an advocate for having an Eastside reunion but everyones schedules were always too busy. Now we are finally having that reunion he always wanted...but its sad that it has to be on these terms. Our friend is gone. Our brother is gone.

God, help me to be strong....

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hey guys...I know I know, I have totally been slacking with keeping my blog up to date! I dont really have much time to chat but I promise I will post a blog soon and put up some new pics.

Life in my world is fabulous...just super-d-duper busy! Work is cool, been busy with our upcoming event. Mary Kay is amazing as always...and everyday makes me more excited to do it full time! Church is fabulous. My new house is amazing...I need to post some new pics with all the furniture in it! I get so excited to go home! Cheesy? Maybe! But so what!

Uhm so yeah...I'll try and post again this weekend when I get a free minute! Smootchez!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The update

So things for me have been ridiculously busy! We moved into the new house Jan 28th. My oh my have I learned how much I hate stairs! haha...but I'm serious! I love the house. I get so excited to come home everyday. I get excited to pull up into my garage! I get so excited and I step out of my room and just stare at the house...stupid I know...but oh well, I am sooooo grateful and truly blessed for all that God has given my family! I've also become Bob the Builder...me and IKEA are best friends! I'll post more pics with furniture soon!

Lets see....I got to go to the Super Bowl for free! Talk about an amazing!!! We sold programs to raise money for an Arts Academy and as a result got to have all access passes to the Super Bowl. I could go anywhere I wanted to in the stadium. That was awesome! :o)

Uhm...thats about it really. I'm staying pretty busy. We had our Annual Board Meeting at the Tempe Mission Palms Feb 7-8 and that went fantastic. Church is awesome of course. Still Dancing. Loving every minute of my Mary Kay business! I am shooting for Directorship (which is the top 2% of the company) by June 28, 2008 and if you know anyone who may be interested in a free facial or in the business opportunity, please send them my way!

So yeah...thats about it for now. I'll post again soon :o)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1st Post

I'm pretty new to this blogspot stuff but I'm open and willing to give it a shot. I love journaling anyways, so I might as well journal and keep in touch with friends and family at the same time. Life is great, I cant complain! God has blessed me in so many ways and I am so grateful each and every day.

So lets see, let me fill you in a little on whats been going on in my life. May 2007 my grandfather (moms dad) passed away. It was a very hard time for our family. We decided to move our grandma in with our family but our house was too small. So we decided to sell her house and sell our house, rent a temporary house for a few months and build a new house. Our new house is gorgeous and we get the keys tomorrow!!!!

We are going to be moving all the big stuff on Thursday, getting some furniture delivered Friday and then moving over the course of the next week or so. I'm so excited, I'm about to jump out of my skin. I'll take some pics of the house and post them on here so you can see the inside! Decorating a 4000 sq ft house is so fun but can also be very expensive. I chose to go with Ikea furniture for my room...I'm doing everything chocolate with teal and beige. My bathroom will be chocolate with a light teal and silver. Super excited.

Besides the house, my life pretty much consists of work at the University, my Mary Kay business and church.

I'm so excited for 2008. I don't know how to describe it but I know that great things are going to happen this year! I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me. Ya'll betta watch out! :o)

Guess that's it for now. I'll be updating this thing pretty regularly I guess so keep your eyes out :o)